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Friday / May 24.
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Incorporating Myopia Management into a Primary Care Optometric Practice

Pavan K. Verkicharla, BS Opt., PhD
Brien Holden Vision Institute

I will start by quoting Holden et al. (2015):

Optometry should be on the frontline of this (myopia) battle. It not only has a responsibility to provide the best care to patients but to remain informed about epidemiological trends and understand the latest range of treatment options for progressive myopia.

As optometrists, we are the most responsible individuals of the eye care profession for the management of myopia, and thus any myope should undoubtedly be managed in any regular primary care optometric practice.

All it needs is to consider 4Ms as a mantra for successful myopia management in any optometry practice:

Master – Measure – Monitor – Manage.

Be a MASTER. We need to first educate ourselves about the variants of myopia and its management. Understand that myopia has multi-factorial a Myopigenesis is a result of the interplay between various factors related to genetics and environment. Therefore, each myope is different and may present to the clinic with something different from their history, either related to genes or the environment