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Sunday / May 26.
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‘The Business of Myopia’ from BHVI opens 20 August 2019

Michael Morton, BOptom, MPH
Brien Holden Vision Institute

Lakewood, Colorado, 12 August 2019: The Business of Myopia, the third course in the BHVI Myopia Management Program will deliver participants the business knowledge and skills to effectively integrate myopia management into their practice.

“The Myopia Education Program serves the profession in providing the needed knowledge to respond to the growing myopia epidemic. Often we have doctors ask us what steps to take to reverse the escalating myopia trend.

We are proud to provide the training and education to drive awareness and uptake of myopia management to tackle rising myopia levels – while also ensuring business success,” said Yvette Waddell, CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute Limited.

Course 3: The Business of Myopia, teaches participants how to set up their practice for myopia management – and maintain success.

They will learn how to create a marketing strategy to promote and expand their practice, and receive crucial guidance in business process, patient communications and education.

“The Business of Myopia joins Course 1: Managing Myopia and Course 2: Complex Cases in the widely successful suite of independent learning courses, currently unrivalled in the profession.

“The courses utilize interactive case studies to guide practitioners through their learning along with polls, questions and videos, and presents opportunities to engage in case-based discussions with global experts,” said Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg, Head of Global Myopia Centre and Head of Myopia Program, Brien Holden Vision Institute Ltd.

“We are thrilled to have highly regarded experts from North America contribute to this program – including Dr. Mick Kling, Dr. Alan Glazier, Dr. Brooke Messer, Dr. Jack Schaeffer, Dr. Sally Dillehay, Dr. Xiaoying Zhu and Dr. Linda Chous,” said Myopia Education Program Director, Optometrist Dr. Michael Morton.

“This course contains in-depth information, tips and advice from leading myopia and practice management experts in the US that you can immediately implement in your practice.”

One hundred percent of participants report they have gained confidence in managing myopia, with ninety-eight percent changing the way they practice upon completion.

The Business of Myopia is accredited for continuing education credits by COPE, the General Optical Council (GOC), Optometry Australia (OA) and the Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board (ODOB) for practitioners across North America, United Kingdom, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

For more information or to join the upcoming online course opening on August 20th visit